How to update Instagram Feed?

As we’re doing our best to give our customers the highest-quality products, we regularly issue new updates and we recommend that all our customers use the latest versions of our products. Our updates contain important changes to improve the performance, stability and security of our apps and plugins. Installing them ensures that your plugin continues to run safely and efficiently.

It is pretty simple to update Instagram Feed, though sometimes questions arise. That is why we are giving you this tutorial.

You can update the plugin in two ways, automatically from your WordPress admin panel, and manually. The easiest of the two is to update automatically, we recommend it the most. However, there are cases when updating manually is appropriate, and so we present both options to you.

  1. Automatic plugin update. In this way you update Instagram Feed via WordPress admin panel, in the same way as any free plugin.

    Before updating the plugin, make sure that you have activated it with the CodeCanyon purchase code on the plugin's activation page. On that page you need to enter your purchase code into activation form, and press Activate button. If you need more information on purchase code and where to find it, go to

    Once you’ve activated your plugin, you can update it in your WordPress admin panel. To do it, go to Dashboard and select Updates. On the updates page you will see the update information, including the availability of an update, and the date of the last update check.

  2. Manual plugin update. The other way to update Instagram Feed is to get its latest version at the downloads section at After downloading the update, you need to unzip it, and overwrite all the plugin’s files on your WordPress website via FTP. All your settings and feeds will be saved, and none of them will be lost.

So how not to miss an Instagram Feed update?

Generally, you will get a notification email from the Envato marketplace.

You can also check for the newest updates on the Updates page, by pressing Check Again. After pressing this button you’ll have to wait for a couple of minutes or refresh the page. It is possible that there will be a small delay between the check request and the response. If an update is ready to be downloaded, you will see it on the list of updates.

Instagram Feed also runs an automatic update check at certain intervals. In case there an available update, you’ll see a notification at your WordPress panel.

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