Resolving a conflict of YouTube Gallery and Wordfence plugins

Instagram Feed plugin might sometimes not work correctly if you’ve also installed Wordfence plugin. In these cases the plugin might not fully load, or some posts might not load in the popup. Below are the steps to fix this conflict.

1. Enable Learning Mode in Firewall Options. 

Open Wordfence plugin settings in your WordPress Dashboard and open All Options section. Once there, you need to go to Basic Firewall Options and select Learning Mode from the dropdown menu in Web Application Firewall Status section and click Save Changes after you’re done:

2. Check the plugin on your site.

Open the page with YouTube Gallery in Incognito mode in your browser and make sure that the issue no longer comes up. The plugin should be good now, but we’re not done fixing yet.

3. Disable Learning Mode in Firewall Options.

Go back to Wordfence settings in your Dashboard and set Web Application Firewall Status back to Enabled and Protecting. Don’t forget to save your changes.

The conflict’s fixed! Check the plugin on your site to make sure.

If this didn’t help, please, contact our support.

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