"No valid plugins" Countdown Timer installation error

"No valid plugins" Facebook Feed installation error

When you download the plugin, you get the full product zip. It contains the plugin itself, as well as the docs and the changelog. The mistake happens when you try to install this zip archive. To do everything right, you need to get the plugin installer zip instead of the whole product zip. There are two ways to do this:

  1. First, unzip the full product zip.

    It contains several different files, the folder with the plugin itself, and the plugin installer zip that you have to upload to WordPress. When installing Countdown Timer, you’ll need elfsight-countdown-timer.zip.

  2. The other way is to download the Installable WordPress file from https://codecanyon.net/downloads. Go to this link, log in if necessary and select Countdown Timer. Then click Download button, and select Installable WordPress file only. After you have downloaded the zip, you can use it to install Countdown Timer plugin to your WordPress website!
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